Note – This page is for your reference to inform you as to what goes on when you apply for this type of loan modification program. We can answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction if this program is right for you.

Hardest Hit Fund Reinstatement and Modification Assistance Programs

Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) Reinstatement and modification assistance programs administered by state housing
finance agencies (HFAs) can help qualified borrowers to pay arrearages and/or curtail principal (referred to as
HFA Funds). Depending on the terms of the assistance, servicers may use the funds in conjunction with a
Fannie Mae modification.

Prior to assisting a borrower with HFA Funds, a servicer must:

  • Be registered with the applicable state HFA and be able to exchange information via the Common Data
    File (CDF) format used for the HHF programs; and
  • Receive an approval from the HFA for the reinstatement or modification, which indicates the HFA has
    underwritten the borrower and has determined eligibility for HFA Funds. Generally, it is the servicer’s
    receipt of the “G” record in the common data file (CDF) exchange with the HFA.

Programs available to Qualified Borrowers;

  • Reinstatement Programs
  • Modification Assistance Programs – Recast
  • Modification Assistance Programs – Principal Curtailments with a Modification
  • Applying HFA Funds and Closing the Modification
  • HFA Funds Received During a Trial Period Plan
  • Re-evaluating Modifications if Funds Not Received

Send us a few details regarding your situation and we’ll let your know what loan modification programs you qualify for.